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Remember when everyone sung Misfits' praise like it was gospel?

Not so much anymore huh?

Not that I'm gloating. I really am not I just think it's funny because most people on lj and tumblr have this "But it's BRITISH. Of course it's good!" attitude. I mean I agree that a lot of British shows are a lot better than American shows. Although I like the US remake of Queer As Folk more than the UK version but that's because I love "Happy" Endings. But when Misfits started airing I wasn't really into it. Partly I thought Nathan was a jerk and partly I don't really like horror (graphic violence whatever) that much. I really liked the second season which everyone else didn't I guess. I thought it was better than the first but that's just me. I mean I didn't even like Skins (except for Maxxie) clearly my taste is just that bad. 

Now with the third season I've read a lot of complaints. Curtis is boring, Alisha's only role is girlfriend, I miss Nathan, Rudy is too much like Nathan.

I don't think Curtis is boring at all. At first I thought his power was really shitty. And I mean how did he get out of being caught by turning into a girl in that one episode? The man would have just assumed he thought it was a boy because they were wearing the same freaking clothing and then realized "Oh it's a girl. But still the person I was running after." Also I did not like Rudy taking advantage of Curtis drugged at all as well as him talking about fucking that sleeping girl in that one episode where his penis fell off. But overall I liked the storyline and his power. Or grew to like it. It doesn't really help in fighting situations but it was interesting to watch a boy experience that. Walk a mile in my shoes and all that. 

I actually like Alisha/Simon and I know a lot of people who said she didn't really have any storylines did too but whatever. Anyway i think thy may be right when they say that she didn't have any significant plot like Curtis wanting to run, Rudy's split personality/issues etc. but I didn't notice THAT much. And now Antonia is sadly gone which I think is just tragic. :( A really funny scene this season was her mimicking Curtis jacking off. Too funny! Oh there's also the whole "I loved Simon before he was hot!" debate. I had no real feelings about him but liked him when he got hot. I'm shallow, so sue me.

I didn't REALLY miss Nathan because as I said I thought he was rude and unfunny a lot of the time. I missed his relationship Marnie though I really liked that one. I also hated the way they killed Nikki off :( And no mentioned her ever again! Least of all Curtis. Okay whatever. 

I agree with the last complaint. Rudy IS too much like Nathan. I liked sensitive Rudy best because there was at least something interesting there.

I just really don't get why so many people who used to LOVE Misfits and (I see it on ONTD and tumblr) and have Misfits icons/graphics/whatever now feel the need to bash it. I mean I too think that the show is pretty much done because they wrote off two of the most popular characters this season and unless they get someone who will draw in fans like crazy or show in the first episode of the next season (which a lot of fans might give a try even if they have considered stopping watching) that they have some fantastic new ideas I don't see it going anywhere. I think they might make Seth a part of the team or something. But really this whole "Well of course Misfits is bad. It's so done." attitude was just kinda funny to me because it shows how fickle fandom and the online community is. I mean at the beginning they love something but then when it gets unpopular they have to moan about how absolutely dreadful it is or you lose all internet credit haha 
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