Would you survive The Hunger Games?

So on Friday I finally started reading The Hunger Games. I mean I started the first page or something but was bored or something. But when I started on Friday I couldn't put it down. So I ordered the second book in the triology Catching Fire from amazon and found an ebook of it and I read through that on Saturday. The real book will arrive tommorow or Tuesday. I really need to re-read the end because I sort of rushed through it. But I think I got it. I just want to read it again. Anyway after the disappointment that was Looking For Alaska I was sort of wary of a book that everyon recommended to me. I'm just listening to Jabberjays which is a podcast of a fansite for The Hunger Games that I found and they also just said that describing the book to someone is hard since it comes across as weird. But I'll try to give you a not spoiler summary:

So the book is about a girl called Katniss. It's from her POV. The book is set in a future where after a war North America was divided in twelf districts. And there's a 13th that was destroyed by chemical bombs. So the people in these districts are ruled by the capitol. The capitol is the rich district and the other districts produce different products for them such as coal, electronics and fabrics. To remind the inhabitants of the 12 districts that they have no power and that the capitol and President Snow rule their world there are The Hunger Games every year. In each district one female and one male participant is chosen. Your name gets entered once for every year that you get older starting from when you're twelve until you're eighteen. So normally you'd have your name entered once for six years which is a low chance to be drawn in thousands of people. But if you don't have enough food (which happens a lot since most people are really poor in the district - 12 - that Katniss lives in) and sign up for a package with food your names gets entered again. So depending on how poor you are the chance rises that you will be drawn. Then the 24 candiates go to the capitol where they are prepared oh and then they fight to the death until one winner is left and that teenager/kid gets money to last them their whole life and their district is favoured for a year. Oh and it's mandatory for everyone in the districts to watch their kids kill each other in gruesome ways because cameras are recording everything. Fun huh? A way to show power for the capitol of course. It's very ancient Rome which is reflected by how the people in the capitol enjoy the games and how they have names similar to Romans. It's the old concept "panem et circenses". Bread and games. Always works.

So really it's suspense filled and written really well. And it has a badass female main character so you know you want to read it. It does have a love triangle which I don't really like. Sorry my summary was a bit too long haha. But yes I can't say much without spoilering but it keeps you reading because you want to know who will survive and what will happen next. I really hope that there will be a movie even though I might be disappointed but I think the books deserve more attention although I think in America they already have a lot judging from the podcast and fan websites and livejournal communities. So check them out. I can't wait until the final book comes out this month! I'm so happy that I read these.

You have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful.

Yes Toy Story 3.
I finally watched it. In 3D. My first 3D movies since those movies you watch in amusment parks that are produced for them and because of that not that entertaining. More like they have pigeons in the movie so they can shoot water at you so it's like they shit on you. Yeah. So first 3D movie. Thankfully I didn't get a headache but maybe if there's more action focused on the 3D (like Avatar?) I would have. I was glad for it anyway. But I really liked the movie. It was good. I didn't get very nostalgic which suprised me. I didn't cry either. But it's okay if you did. Maybe if I had re-watched the first two before. But yeah good movie. I am always wary of sequels. So yes you should see it but I doubt there's anyone left who hasn't. Yeah this review is no good. D:

Oh and I wanted to see Inception but they aren't showing it in my town so I'll have to wait until I get to the big city sometime.

Yeah still no True Blood review (for last week lol I mean I talked so much about in lesket's entry I guess that was why) and Looking For Alaska. Might never come for the latter. haha


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Okay I mostly try to keep my journal balanced because I have friends who are into anime/manga and some who are not but I really need to talk about the issues with Hetalia dub produced by FUNimation. Rant ahead. I'll try to provide links as I go along. :)

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I finished it. :)

I try to read a lot in the holiday and I'm currently also reading Looking For Alaska but no matter how good you say it is it had to wait for my favourite child (teenage) genius. I also have The Hunger Games waiting which I will start after I finish Looking For Alaska (on page 117 of that one). So I read hat in 5 hours or something. So here are my thoughts. I think everyone who knows me good enough knows I love this book. And again I mourn the fact that stuff like Twilight is more popular so I don't have any real fandom for discussions. Well maybe it's for the better because the two Butler/Artemis fanfictions I saw were about all I can handle I suppose.

Spoilers duh! Beware.

I was so glad to see Juliet back. I love her. And her new job as wrestler is SO her. :) Anyway this book I definitely didn't absolutley love this book. It wasn't my favourite. But it was still a lot better than some of the crap I've read. See my review on Shrinking Violets last summer. haha Anyway I liked Orion but I miss calculating (sane) Artemis. It was realistic that No. 1 couldn't just do some magic spell and Artemis would be fine. I would have liked to see more of Haven and all the fairy living and Angeline Fowl and the twins. :) But they were mentioned and it totally made me love the twins more. They're so great.

And Artemis mother tricking him into wearing a t-shirt and jeans and calling him mum. She's great. I know I keep saying characters are great but they just are. Even the villans. Turnball falling in love with a human and wanting her to live forever. Interesting not great but interesting. I wanted a bit more humour and I was really sad about Artemis' illness but it was still a good book. Though Holly admitted that she went out with Troubel (I used to think they would end up together and that Juliet would end up with Artemis lolll). I don't know how I feel about that and Artemis alter ego being in love with Holly. He knows everything that Artemis sees so does that mean that Artemis is too? I don't really know. If I ship anything it would be Artemis/Holly (apart from Artemis I/Angeline haha). Although like I said I pictured him with Juliet at the begining.

And really I always forget how old Artemis is. He's total jailbait and I'm kinda always crushing on him haha Oh another bit I loved was him buying out the hotel chain of the classmate who made fun of his sports skills. I wish I could do that. So yeah that's pretty much all I wanted to say.

End Spoilers

Now off to translate the gnomish :D
I'm watching the live cast with Eoin Colfer right now and he's so funny! I want to attend an event with him! He said J.K.Rowling is fantastic!!! EHHHHH Also the next book (the 8th) will be the last. I suppose it has to end. I want more Halfmoon though. I loved that book. Supernaturals not so much.

When you came in the air went out

SPOILERS Episode 3x05 Trouble

So today on True Blood. Everyone has issues, gay couples galore.

So Alcide and Sookie get along really well unlike Debbie and Alcide. She's such a bitch really. Can she die already? Alcide is hot so I enjoy his scenes. And I liked him and Sookie. He seems like a good guy. Anything but Bill for Sookie.

I still don't really care about Jason's cop thing. He does have to learn the ropes though so I don't get why doesn't just get it over with. Since I read the books a bit and some summaries I know about Crystal and I wasn't pleased when she showed up. The two people that will never have a storyline not involving a partner or a not fucked up partner are Jason and Tara. Since I don't care for Jason that doesn't matter to me right now. But still the Crystal thing is stupid.

Sam is way too nice for helping his parents. I guess his brother has some potential. I just want Hoyt and Jessica to get together but maybe she and Sam's brother would be okay together too. But Hoyt is more well adjusted especially now that he moved out. And I really want someone to do something about Jessica's little problem sometime about now.

I don't like Tara and I guess Franklin is pretty hilarious in his delusions but still. Freaking Werwoves working for the king are stupid too. And Bill. Can he please just go away now? But I think we can safley say that Franklin has totally lost it and had long before he met Tara. He only serves for funny scenes I guess. Oh and Bill please shut up with your angst and fade away after telling Sookie you cheated on her.

Eric was interesting. Haha his past was pretty much what you expect although I wonder why he went to his mother first while his father was being attacked. Still freaking werwolves.

Ruining everyone's fun. Except Alcide. And the king too I guess but I still enjoy his little scenes with Talbot even if I don't like him otherwise.

And Sookie's powers. We know Bill was doing research behind her back but everyone who read the books knows what the powers are anyway so I don't really care.

Most important question: How heavy were Talbot and Eric flirting? ;D Oh and we need more Lafayette and Jesus (is that his name?). :D The guy is so cute hanging out at that bar the whole time waiting for Lafayette.


True Blood spoilers

I'm just watching the new "behind the scenes" piece and they're talking about how people like Bill for his humanity... uhm I haven't seen many people who like Bill but okay. I thought this show was about Eric? 

So basically Bill breaking up with Sookie was the funniest thing ever. Her "shut the fuck up" was a whole level of wtf. I don't even know. And then she thought it would be best to go cry on Alicde's nakes shoulder? I mean seeing him comforts ME. But she seemed to get over Bill a bit awfully fast. Anyway nothing happened so it's okay. But Alcide shirtless is delicious. So yeah I like him and Sookie and I am so over Bill. Seriously not only is he annoying as a character but he also brings Lorena along and I don't like her either. Though despite that I wonder what she sees in Bill. Or what Sookie sees in Bill. I just want it to be like in the books where we hardly see Bill anymore. Nobody but Sookie cares about him anyway.

I loved Sookie's make over and after I got used to it, it actually looked sort of good. The sister did a good job anyway. And Debbie was crazy as expected. I felt really sorry for Alcide. :| Mh the thing seems to be that everyone deals illegally with V... So why is it such a big deal again? Anyway Pam being tortured was horrible. :( I would be happy if they blamed it all on Bill tbh.

Oh and Tara's new "beau" is such a charmer. Hate him and I did from the first time they showed the two of them having super creepy weird sex. Can't Tara be interesting for once? No she can't she has to move on to the next man. Oh and I don't really care about Jason's cop storyline.